Cornelius (Corn) Boarstrider

Half-mad Halfling Fighter


STATS (at lvl 1)
AC: 18 (w/ shield)
HP: 12
Speed: 25 ft (40 mounted)
Saving Throws: STR, CON
Skills: Athletics, Animal Handling, Perception, Survival
Languages: Halfling, Common

Lucky: Reroll 1’s
Brave: Adv. vs saving throws to be frightened
Halfling Nimbleness: Can move through the space of any creature larger than me
Naturally Stealthy: Can attempt to hide even when only obscured by a creature one size larger than me (my mount qualifies!)
Fighting Style: Dueling (+2 damage while wielding a melee weapon in one hand, and no other weapons…AKA: it counts when I’m mounted and attacking with my lance!)


Cornelius (Corn) Boarstrider

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