Prince of Apocalypse - Baron

Questions, questions, questions...

The ashes from the shadow demon lay at Arthas’s feet. He kicked through the remains looking for anything useful.

“Took your time showing up didn’t you?” Corn shouted at him. “Oink”, Runt joined in.
Arthas shot him an icy glare but said nothing. He held his hands out and cast his mind in search of signs of arcana. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO DO WITH THE EARTH CULT?” Arthas shouted at the ash pile.

“Have you lost your mind?” Wil questioned him.

“Shut up!”

Arthas turned in a circle until he stopped by the pillar of stone beside him. “What is here?” He reached out to touch the stone where he felt aranic power radiating.

“Questions, questions, questions. You can’t leave well enough alone can you?” The voice came from the pillar. Slowly a figure detached herself from the rock. She wore a heavy stone mask but her voice and features were clearly that of the quarry master.

“I thought Vohaal would have dealt with you but clearly I was wrong.” She said.

“WHO ARE YOU! TELL ME WOMAN OR I’LL RIP YOUR HEART OUT!” Arthas was clearly enraged and beyond reason.

Arthas pulled out a dagger and advanced on the masked woman. Her right arm shot out and grabbed Arthas and threw him to the stone wall. Rather than hitting the wall as expected he simply vanished. She turned to the rest of the company. “Well? Do you have any questions?”.

Wil bowed formally and said, “Nothing my lady. We shall bid you farewell if you please.”
The woman looked at the three companions. “No protests? Nobody going to toss a spell or hammer at me?”

“We barely knew him. An association of convenience is all. I have no loyalty to him.” Wil offered.

“Nor I” Lillian agreed.

Corn pursed his lips. He was supposed to watch Arthas but if he had gone and gotten himself killed… Runt turned his head around and said “There will be an opportunity in the future to reunite with the necromancer.” Corn glanced to his side, his companions had clearly not understood anything Runt said.

“How can you be sure?” he whispered.

“I sense the hand of a god in this. Death won’t come easy to that one and the hand will guide him to where he needs to be.” Runt oinked.

“Are you done talking to your pig?” Wil was clearly annoyed. “She’s letting us leave.”

The stone masked woman watched as the companions left the cave. She turned back to the stone wall and walked through it.

Adventure Begins!
The Lord of Lance Rock

The Adventure begins

Arthas, a young noble with a mysterious past has been entrusted with a quest by his master Mornell, a rather old but powerful man, to investigate what is happening in the Dessarian Valley around Red Larch.

Prior to embarking upon the quest he was told that he had to bring a halfling, Cornelius (Corn). Mornell did not seem enthusiatic about it, but he was adamant that the halfling accompany him. He also handed Arthas a great deal of gold (5000) to hire the best that he could from the mercenary guild master in Red Larch.

Corn and Arthas travelled from Waterdeep to Red Larch where they met with the guild master, a tough looking dwarf named Pick.

“Aye, I know who ye be wantin’” He waved toward a giant brute of a half-orc that sat at a mess table eating a pig, the entire thing, bones and all.

“Gromrosh The Bull” we call him. Ye tell him good things and point out the bad men and he’ll charge right in. Not much of a head on that one but if a little lie don’t move him gold will." Pick leaned back in his chair.

Arthas stared at the dark skinned half-orc. “What’s his story? Can I trust him to not simply crush my head instead? My master spoke of him but I don’t always trust my master either.”

“Parent’s kill when he was a lad. His father was an orc, his mum a human. They tried to keep her and Gromrosh a secret but secrets have a habit of not staying that way. Someone turn ‘em in to the local temple for a fat purse. Dey hung his parents the next day and sold Gromrosh to my predecessor before he retired and handed him to me. Can you trust him? Keep the gold flowing and tell him ye on a quest from the gods or somethin’ He’ll run into the Abyss for ye.” Pick told Arthas.

“Very well, here is his fee.” Arthas pushed a fat coin purse to Pick. “I’ll need another.”

Pick furrowed his brow and looked deep in thought. “Maybe… but she’s not back for a week.”

“We’ll be making a short trip out of the town and back in about a week. I’ll see what you have to offer then.” Arthas pushed away from the table. “Gromrosh! Come, we’ve the work of the gods ahead of us” He tossed a gold coin at the half-orc. Gromrosh’s eyes lit up as he snatched the coin. Pick nodded and both departed.

“What that?” Gromrosh pointed toward Corn who appeared in deep conversation with a boar.

“A burden.” Arthas muttered.

“Want me to smash it?” Gromrosh reached backed for a long and well used glaive.

“No… well not yet. He could be of use. Come Runt, we’re off to Lance Rock.” Arthas didn’t pause to see if his new companions followed.

Lance Rock

The heroes arrived at Lance Rock and proceeded in despite well written signs warning them away. They found the gate seemed to be booby trapped with a makeshift alarm but despite noticing it, Gromrosh barreled in anyway.

After dispaching a few zombies, making some wrong turns and fighting skeletons, they came across the so-called-Lord of Lance Rock, one fallen noble, Oreith. Oreith failed to catch them with a trap and set his minions on the heroes.

All for not, as the heroes succeeded in destroying everything they found. They eventually caught Oreith hiding inside a well decorated room with a glowing orb in the middle and a mysterious symbol. After some conversation it seemed that Oreith may know something about Arthas, or at least know about Mornell. He reveals to Arthas that, while he serves “The Eye”, he is a part of the Earth Cult under it’s prophet.

Upon hearing this Arthas goes into a blind rage and dives at the necromancer…

A meeting in the Shadows

Mornell sat opposite of a rough looking human male with a heavy scar across his face in a dark corner of a busy tavern in Waterdeep.

“Imagine my surprise to find you still drew breath.” the scarred male said to Mornell.

“And mine that you were here just walking around.” Mornell retorted.

“Heh, well you’ve always been good to me so let’s leave it at that. What do you want and why shouldn’t I tell them about you?” the scarred man leaned back against the grease stained wall of the tavern.

“My queen wants what was taken from her and I mean to help her but none of the other gods want nothing to do with her. Her interests have always been the same as yours.” Mornell offered.

“You? Serve her? That’s rich. You’re the selfish bastard you’ve always been, but you’re right. The stirrings in the Dessarian concern me too. Those puffed up wastes of time won’t move a finger until it’s too late. Very well, but I’ll be sending my own eyes to watch you.” the man replied.



“The halfling? Why him? That runt…”

A balled up fist connected with Mornell’s jaw and sent him flying against the wall. None of the tavern responded as it wasn’t anything unusual. “Yesh have ma apologish.” Mornell rubbed his jaw, blood was visible on his hand. “Why the r…halfing?”

“I trust is eyes. You want my mouth closed and my help, you take Cornelius and make sure that young necromancer of yours doesn’t get any wise ideas about Corn.”


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