Prince of Apocalypse - Baron

Questions, questions, questions...

The ashes from the shadow demon lay at Arthas’s feet. He kicked through the remains looking for anything useful.

“Took your time showing up didn’t you?” Corn shouted at him. “Oink”, Runt joined in.
Arthas shot him an icy glare but said nothing. He held his hands out and cast his mind in search of signs of arcana. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO DO WITH THE EARTH CULT?” Arthas shouted at the ash pile.

“Have you lost your mind?” Wil questioned him.

“Shut up!”

Arthas turned in a circle until he stopped by the pillar of stone beside him. “What is here?” He reached out to touch the stone where he felt aranic power radiating.

“Questions, questions, questions. You can’t leave well enough alone can you?” The voice came from the pillar. Slowly a figure detached herself from the rock. She wore a heavy stone mask but her voice and features were clearly that of the quarry master.

“I thought Vohaal would have dealt with you but clearly I was wrong.” She said.

“WHO ARE YOU! TELL ME WOMAN OR I’LL RIP YOUR HEART OUT!” Arthas was clearly enraged and beyond reason.

Arthas pulled out a dagger and advanced on the masked woman. Her right arm shot out and grabbed Arthas and threw him to the stone wall. Rather than hitting the wall as expected he simply vanished. She turned to the rest of the company. “Well? Do you have any questions?”.

Wil bowed formally and said, “Nothing my lady. We shall bid you farewell if you please.”
The woman looked at the three companions. “No protests? Nobody going to toss a spell or hammer at me?”

“We barely knew him. An association of convenience is all. I have no loyalty to him.” Wil offered.

“Nor I” Lillian agreed.

Corn pursed his lips. He was supposed to watch Arthas but if he had gone and gotten himself killed… Runt turned his head around and said “There will be an opportunity in the future to reunite with the necromancer.” Corn glanced to his side, his companions had clearly not understood anything Runt said.

“How can you be sure?” he whispered.

“I sense the hand of a god in this. Death won’t come easy to that one and the hand will guide him to where he needs to be.” Runt oinked.

“Are you done talking to your pig?” Wil was clearly annoyed. “She’s letting us leave.”

The stone masked woman watched as the companions left the cave. She turned back to the stone wall and walked through it.


Haha the deep sleep. I shall return in two months and bit. Beware!!!

Questions, questions, questions...

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