A cruel young necromancer driven mad by his power.


medium humanoid (human), chaotic evil
AC: ??
Hitpoints: ??
Speed: ft.
Saving Throws: ?
Skills: ?
Senses: ?
Languages: Abyssal, Common
Challenge: 2

? : ?
? : ?
? : ?

? : ?


A lean, black-bearded young noble from Baldur’s Gate, Orioth is more at home among the dead than the living. He was cruel almost from the time he could talk, catching small creatures and killing them in hideously inventive ways to savour the power of life and death. He grew to be an embarrassment to his well-off family, who paid a tutor to channel his undeniable intelligence and curiosity into more positive outlets. They didn’t know they had apprenticed the young Oreioth to a necromancer in need of an assistant for his research.

When Oreioth’s master decided he hand no more use for his apprentice, he sent Oreioth off to make his own way in the world, Oreioth worked his way northward, robbing graves and using his magic to intimidate or rob anyone weaker than him. Driven out of one decent town after another, he finally sought refuge in an old outlaw’s lair he discovered near Lance Rock. There he commenced his newest round of experiments, avoiding all other living souls.

What few social graces Oreioth once possessed are fading rapidly. He has become a megalomaniac, styling himself as the Lord of Lance Rock and surrounding himself with zombies and skeletons compelled to heed his every whim. Oreioth barely recognizes his own name anymore, and he harbors dreams of founding a kingdom of undead servitors with himself on the throne.


Prince of Apocalypse - Baron asmordean