Prince of Apocalypse - Baron

A meeting in the Shadows

Mornell sat opposite of a rough looking human male with a heavy scar across his face in a dark corner of a busy tavern in Waterdeep.

“Imagine my surprise to find you still drew breath.” the scarred male said to Mornell.

“And mine that you were here just walking around.” Mornell retorted.

“Heh, well you’ve always been good to me so let’s leave it at that. What do you want and why shouldn’t I tell them about you?” the scarred man leaned back against the grease stained wall of the tavern.

“My queen wants what was taken from her and I mean to help her but none of the other gods want nothing to do with her. Her interests have always been the same as yours.” Mornell offered.

“You? Serve her? That’s rich. You’re the selfish bastard you’ve always been, but you’re right. The stirrings in the Dessarian concern me too. Those puffed up wastes of time won’t move a finger until it’s too late. Very well, but I’ll be sending my own eyes to watch you.” the man replied.



“The halfling? Why him? That runt…”

A balled up fist connected with Mornell’s jaw and sent him flying against the wall. None of the tavern responded as it wasn’t anything unusual. “Yesh have ma apologish.” Mornell rubbed his jaw, blood was visible on his hand. “Why the r…halfing?”

“I trust is eyes. You want my mouth closed and my help, you take Cornelius and make sure that young necromancer of yours doesn’t get any wise ideas about Corn.”



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