Broken Heart Pin

Broken Heart Pin

A simple silver plated pin with a small blue sapphire on it. Belongs to relics known as the Hands of Fate

A pin given by a husband to his cheating wife. He prayed to Fate to cast his unfortunate gaze upon his unfaithful wife. Fate was amused by the request and she granted him his wish. He still loved her so he did not wish her death, just… some mild punishment.

“Anyone who holds on to this pin will find the odds out of their favour more often than chance should dictate” Fate explained to him.

He took the pin and went home with it. Fate being the god he was neglected to tell him that the pins effect was immediate and he was now carrying it. As the husband returned home he ran into a neighbor by accident causing him to drop the pin. The neighbor went on her way but when the husband looked down there were two identical silver pins. “One of these is the God’s and one of these is Lisa’s. I can’t tell which so I can’t hand it back to her, that would be cruel. I will just guess and give one to Elouise while I keep the other.”

Unfortunately for him, he guessed wrong. He had given Elouise the Warm Heart Pin which was the very opposite of the Broken Heart. In three years he found himself divorced, penniless, and a broken man. He threw himself into the river on a dark and cold winter night and was never found.


The wearer the pin will find their luck to be oddly out of their favour. The GM shall roll a D6 and incur a mild negative effect on the player whenever a 1 is rolled. They player is not to be told what the rolls are or if they are being helped or hindered.

Set Item Should a player manage to find both pins they can be combined and will instantly transform into a red ruby pin. Unlike the individual pins, this one’s power is dictated by the player and is significantly more effective. The player may offer a creative way to either curse a target’s luck or enhance their own. The ruby must be used prior to the end of the next session and on use it will shatter in to two identical sapphire pins and vanish into the world. Example wishes, “I wish that I could never miss during this fight.” or “I wish that my ally wasn’t dead.”. Example curses, “The big scary caster can no longer speak” or “the monster chasing us will get lost and never find its way out.” The more creative a wish/curse is, the more likely Fate will grant it. Simply wishing for 1 million gold will annoy Fate and he may curse you instead.

One may carry both pins which will nullify each other. The combination ritual requires a full turn if in combat.

The pin can be sold, traded, or given away. It cannot be stolen. The reputation of the pin is known and thus it’s value is only 3 gp.

Baron’s Thoughts on Balance

This works well with the Warm Heart. You cannot be sure which one you have and the benefit of the ruby is significant.

Like the other things so far, I reserve the right to destroy them in game if they turn out to be a bad idea :)

Broken Heart Pin

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