Gambler's Loaded Dice

Gambler’s Loaded Dice

Carved Dragon Bone Dice belonging to relics known as the Hands of Fate


A collection of intricately carved dragon bone dice given to a obsessive dwarven gambler by Fate after hearing his pleas for help. The power within them was unlike anything Gural had ever seen. They were undetectable as a cheat by anyone and soon Gural found himself with more gold than he could spend. However, Fate is a cruel god. The dice had a curse on them that ultimately lead to Gural’s death at the hands of an angry member of the underworld.


The bearer of the loaded dice will be allowed to roll a larger die than is otherwise permitted for a action in game. Any value on the larger die will be rounded down to the maximum value of the correct die and enjoy any benefits that a maximum roll allows. See the following table:

Die to roll Loaded Die to roll
D4 D6
D6 D8
D8 D10
D10 D12
D12 D20
D20 D20 + D10

In order to initiate the usage of the dice the player must declare prior to a roll. They will then roll a d4. Any value greater than 1 will allow for the usage of the dice. The value will also be consumed and can be recovered after a long rest (or 12 hours in game). This means that at most, the dice can be used beneficially three times between long rests. If you roll a 3 and use the dice then try to use them again but get another 3, they grant no effect and you must use your correct dice.

Rolling a 1 Unlike 2-4, rolling a 1 will cause any next roll to also be a 1, however it will not be a critical failure. Like the other rolls, it can only be recovered after a long rest (or 12 hours in game).

The Curse Addiction: The dice must be used by the bearer at least once per game session. Failure to do so will cause the dice to scatter across the lands and will have to be relocated.

The dice cannot be given, traded, or sold. If the bearer discards them or they are stolen they will vanish from his or her hand and scatter across the lands. Unlike the first time you find them, the next time they won’t be in a set. So you may find just a D6 somewhere.

Baron’s Thoughts on Balance

Obviously a powerful item that can give you a high crit chance. I had originally thought to use a D100 for the D20 but thought that might be a bit much. So now you roll a D20 and D10 and add the values. (Yes that means you cannot critically fail)

I am thinking that the element of chance of failing badly as well as not rolling a unused number will keep the power in check. I’m debating between a D4 and a D6 for this. If I used a D6 I would have 1 and 2 be poison values.

I thought it could be fun to have a real world item.

If it’s too strong then Fate reserves the right to take back his toys :)

I’m open to suggestions on this as well.

Update on balancing ideas

I have been calculating probabilities and running simulations. I found my above rules to be overly complex and slightly overpowered. My current line of thinking is this:

Roll a D6. A 1 or a 2 will cause you to “bust” which incurs the penalty roll and puts the dice on cooldown until a long rest.. Anything else and you can chain roll until you bust.

With this condition, the average number of beneficial rolls until bust is 2 (calculated from 10 million simulated rolls…yes really. It takes my PC about 30 seconds) with the largest streak of 34 consecutive rolls.

With it set at just 1 then the average is 5 rolls with a streak of 68.

Using a D4 and busting with a 1: 3 streak 37
D8 busting 3 or lower: 1.667 streak 24

I’m happy with these results. Question is, what should I allow an average? D6 bust 3 = 1 roll average which is basically 50% chance. That feels weak. I’m thinking D6 bust 2 feels good with average streak being 2.

Gambler's Loaded Dice

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